I license all of my work with one license that can be found below this text.

Version 1.2, July 2019

Copyright (C) 2019 Sebastian Siljuholtet Johansen

All Rights Reserved unless otherwise explicitly stated.

The following license is subject to change at any time with or without notice and will take effect immediately. By using this license, you agree to all the following terms below.

If you would like to request permission to distribute a modified version of this software please send an e-mail to aurilisdev@gmail.com or contact aurilisdev#4673 on discord.

You are allowed to

> Use the software in whatever way you like without any limitations.
> Installing the software and use it without restriction.
> Look at the source code, decompile it and learn from it.
> Modify the code for personal use.

You are not allowed to

> Copy any part of the softare’s source code and redistribute publish or any means of public distribution.
> Redistribute the original source code or its binary form without the licencor’s permission.
> Redistribute your modified changes or derivative work either its binary form or in source code form without the licensor’s permission.

The term “Distribution” refers to the act of distributing, redistributing and or providing the software to any third party in any form including the following forms:

> Source forms of the software’s files or original binary
> Modified versions of the software’s source file or binaries, including any binaries resulting from source modifications
> Any copy of a portion of it’s binary or source files
> Any of the acts above are subject to the distribution terms of the Program.
> Original binary or source forms of the Program files

The present license is granted to any user of The software. The Terms of license may change anytime with or without notice. The user of this software agrees and will be subject to the newest version of this license.

The software is provided ‘as is’ with no warranties, implied or otherwise. The owner of the software takes no responsibility for any damages incurred from the use of the software. All damages caused by the use or misuse of the software fall on the user.


> An exception to the restrictions of distribution is a modpack. A modpack is defined as a set of mods distributed as a collection. The user is allowed to distribute this software as a part of such a modpack if the user follows the terms below.

Terms of distribution

> If the software is distributed it cannot be modified without permission from the owner. The software must be provided with no costs. The user must also provide proper acknowledgement to the owner (in the form of credits) and a URL to the software’s official download page on the website where it is distributed.

Terms if distribution permission is granted by the owner. This applies to modified versions of the software

> A modified version of sources and binaries, as well as files containing sections copied from the software, must be distributed under the terms of the present license. The source code of the modified version of the software must be provided publicly and entirely at no costs. The user must also provide proper acknowledgement to the owner (in the form of credits) and a URL to the software’s official download page on the website where it is distributed.


> Contributions to the software in the form of code, code snippets, pull requests, translations, artwork, sounds or other similiar contributions are welcomed and highly appreciated.
> Issue reports and comments, editing of the wiki and other user contributions are also welcome and are classed as “contributions” to thiS software for these purposes.
> Any person contributing in that form (a “contributor”) assigns the copyright in that contribution to the software license holder. This contributor also authorises the distribution of that contribution as a part of the software. They also consent to the developer of this software to license that contribution as a part of the software.
> No contributor shall be entitled, by a claim to copyright relating to
their contribution or any other code or material in this software, or by any
other means, to interfere with the overriding principle. In particular, no
contributor shall be entitled, by reason of that contribution or otherwise,
to attempt to prevent the continuing publication of the software’s source code.