Timber Plugin (link to curseforge)

Are you tired of having to break down an entire tree manually? This plugin is designed to help you with this. With it you can harvest an entire tree by just breaking its bottom part!

Notable information:

  • A tree is only chopped if you use an axe.
  • If you are in survival the axe you are using will be damaged for each block it breaks in the tree.
  • You can disallow players/ranks from using this feature by giving them the permission “timber.disallow”.

RandomTP Plugin (link to bukkit)

Are you tired of having to walk hundreds or thousands of blocks to get to the perfect base spot. With this plugin you can teleport to a random location anywhere in your world using a simple config and one command.

Notable information:

  • Instead of having to type /randomteleport every time you can use any of these aliases: /rtp, /rteleport, /randomtp, /tpr, /teleportrandom and /tprandom.
  • For a player to be able to use this command they need the permission: ‘randomtp.command’