Getting Started

This tutorial will get you started with the basics of Physica, from obtaining a source of power to crafting early-game machines.

Getting power

  1. Collect plenty of Iron Ore, which can be mined with Stone grade tools and above. It can be found in virtually all parts of the world.
    1. If you have a Grindstone (Applied Energistics 2), you can grind the ore into dust and then smelt it, effectively doubling your ingot production.
  2. Smelt the Iron Ore you’ve collected into Iron Ingots.
  3. Craft a Blast Furnace, which can be fueled by the same fuels as a normal furnace.
  4. Smelt your Iron Ingots in the Blast Furnace and they will turn into steel ingots.
  5. Create a Coal Generator and put some coal into it to heat it up. Plug some cables into it and you are producing power.

You now have a source of power.